Will Stumpf


Moving DeWalt into the IoT world, Tool Connect was a website, app, and IoT enabled set of tools that allowed people to manage and track all their tools. Specifically for smaller tool cribs or contractors with a collection of tools, tool connect was an easy way to manage all your tools, track where they were, and disable them for security purposes.


The website was written in php and javascript (laravel and vue). The website allowed users to organize tools that were added and paired to their phone via the mobile app, in categories, specific job sites, or other users in their organization.


The project also included an iOS app (written in Swift) that communicated to tools via Bluetooth Low Energy. The app allowed users to log in, review their "toolbox" and quickly check near by tools. The data collected on the phone through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) was synced to the cloud and visible on the website.
Users could quickly pair multiple tools and automatically categorize them through the bluetooth advertisements to categories, jobsites, or other workers in their organization.


On the tool side, the firmware was written in C using the Nordic BLE stack on their NRF52832 microcontroller. I developed the software to have multiple services and characterstics to communicate via BLE to the phone to manage the advertisements, data logging, and tool control (enabling and disabling, etc)